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Training emerging leaders in the Greater Reading region

For more information about booking any of these workshops on-site at your organization or company and virtually, or if you would like to participate in these workshops scheduled at the GRCA’s Center for Business Excellence, contact:

Mark Dolinski
VP of Training & Professional Development, Greater Reading
Email:    Phone:  610.898.8386


Featured Workshops

Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

Emotional Intelligence or EI is arguably the foundation of contemporary leadership competence because it helps us understand and manage our emotions and understand and influence the emotions of others.  In this four-part workshop, participants learn that higher EI creates a space for more effective conflict resolution, productivity and workplace cohesion.  The topics addressed include: 

  • Self-Awareness
  • Self-Management
  • Social Awareness
  • Relationship Management

Leading…In a Multicultural Workforce: The Four Cs Model

This four-part series of workshops focuses on developing the awareness, knowledge and competencies to more effectively coach, manage, communicate and support the ESL employees in your workplace.  The 4 Cs that compose the workshop topics are:

  • Cultural Context – Why it’s important to understand
  • Communication – It’s not just about language differences
  • Conflict as Engagement – Not every conflict is bad
  • Coaching for High Performance – Connecting is key

Managing Difficult Situations: Conflict Resolution

As a result of the pandemic and the “great resignation”, organizations face more “difficult situations” as part of their everyday operations.  This one-day session addresses how effective conflict resolution can manage “difficult situations” such as human resource policy violations, performance issues and employee disagreements or conflicts.  The workshop presents these topics:

  • Distinction between constructive and destructive conflict
  • Overview of traditional responses to dealing with conflict
  • Five-Step process for Managing Difficult Situations

Embracing Change in the 20s: From Rigid to Agile to Adaptable

Change management has been a mainstay of leadership training for years. This program reflects the new demands and dynamics of the workplace in 2022. Today, we need to focus on embracing change as a way of shifting our perspective of the organization – from the organization as a “machine” to the organization as a living, agile entity that adapts and responds to change, rather that resists or reacts to change.  The workshop topics include:

  • Change in the 20s – Challenges of the post-pandemic and “great resignation” workplace
  • Agility, the New Model – Characteristics and best practices of agile organizations
  • Adaptable and Responsive, the Prize – Outcomes for agile organizations and how to achieve them

Building & Fostering Collaboration: Benefits, Barriers and Best Practices

More than ever, with hybrid (virtual/onsite) workplaces becoming the new normal, collaboration is essential to getting work done and doing it well.  Silos are only good on farms, not in workplaces so we need to enhance our ability to collaborate across functions and departments.  This one-hour webinar highlights:

  • Why collaboration is important
  • What gets in the way of meaningful collaboration
  • Some of the best ways to collaborate in today’s hybrid and complex workplace